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Now Fully Windows 7 Compatible

New for version 1.9.3

* Windows 7 Support
* Improved point-to-identify-field functionality
* Enhancements to TCP/IP Clients & Servers

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What is Interface Explorer for HL7?

It's used by over 2,000 programmers and analysts to write, test, debug, and document HL7 interfaces much more quickly than they otherwise would be able to.

Making HL7 messages easier to read is the most obvious thing that Interface Explorer does, but it's actually just one of many reasons to buy. It's more than just an HL7 viewer or HL7 parser. You can interactively work with files containing up to 100,000's of HL7 messages to:


It's About Making Your Job Easier

Interface programming and debugging is hard enough without having to count pipes and carrots or fight with grep. The work we do can affect patient care and so we have to do everything that we can reasonably do to ensure that our interfaces work correctly.

So what makes your job easier: viewing HL7 messages with Notepad or vi or something like the following?

Sample Full Screen



Single user licenses are just $295 with quantity discounts available at five and ten licenses. Site licenses are also available at very affordable prices. Detailed pricing is available.